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Deep Tissue Massage

Specialising in Deep Tissue Massage

Body Balance Massage

One Hour  $100
45 Minute  $75
30 Minute  $55

My rating is five stars for Maureen who provides a wonderful service, in fact the best masseuse I have found and who goes the extra mile to listen to what your issues are and work on those issues both physically through massage and mobilisation and through suggestion of supportive remedies that may be helpful.


I've known Maureen for a number of years and have enjoyed being massaged by her. As as a remedial massage therapist myself I am rather fussy about who I see for massages and I would highly recommend putting yourself in Maureen's hands.


Massage Therapist

Attended my first Appt with Maureen today. Loved it- deep tissue that was well needed. Will definitely be making Appt
Thank you Maureen


Thanks Maureen, my back and shoulders were very achey and they feel so much better since your massage! Definitely recommending you to all my friends.



I can highly recommend Maureen as a massage therapist.  She has been able to correct and maintain my good health and wellbeing since I first saw her after having a decade of constant pain and problems.  Thank you so very much Maureen.


Café Owner

I have benefitted greatly from Maureen’s massages, finding her to be a massage therapist who listens and is responsive to client needs.  She keeps up to date with developments in the field.  With regard to Maureen’s massage style, I have enjoyed and benefitted from her strength, endurance and good technique, which allow her to do effective deep tissue massage.  I see Maureen as belonging to a small section of society who can genuinely be called Healers.


Senior University Lecturer

I started massage therapy to complement my gymnasium exercises while rehabilitating from a road accident in which I sustained leg, neck and arm injuries.  Maureen has greatly aided my rehabilitation, particularly my left leg, which had considerable sift tissue and nerve damage.  I am an active sports person and Maureen has contributed to my getting back to an active life of cycling and tramping.  Also, Maureen has often treated my lower back, which has greatly benefited from her massage technique.

I have no hesitation in recommending Maureen as a Massage Therapist, she is obviously very experienced and her approach and manner is of a high professional standard.



We have been advocates of the benefits derived from regular massage treatment for some time.  Competing in long distance trail and road races puts tremendous strain on the body and regular massage helps maintain muscles and joints in good condition.

However, finding a good sports massage therapist is not easy, so we were delighted to discover Maureen who was based at the Lincoln University Recreation Centre in Canterbury.  Maureen provided us with very professional, regular weekly treatments.

Bryan - Long Distance Trail & Ultra Runner, Member of NZ Team, Commonwealth Ultra Distance 24 Hour Race Championships, Wales September 2011

Janice & Bryan

Long Distance Runners

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