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Impact dysfunction in the Psoas muscle

As a student, when I first saw this image, it really hit home to me the impact dysfunction in the Psoas muscle can have on the body.

When very contracted, through an injury, it can compress the spine on one side, affecting the nerves that come from those vertebrae.

In my late 30’s a chiropractor diagnosed me as having scoliosis. At the time I was suffering considerable pain in my back and struggling to walk. Seeing the X-ray and banana shape of my spine was quite frightening. The episode eventually settled, but this led me on a journey to really ‘know’ about the spine and how best to manage pain and dysfunction caused by the muscles there.

I remember the first time I received deep tissue massage from a fellow student and them releasing trigger points in my spinal muscles, such relief I felt. Since those early days I have done many courses looking at ways to treat the muscles around the spine and have developed a great tool box of techniques to address back pain.


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